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A refreshing mind-body workout by emphasizing proper breathing, correct spinal and pelvic alignment and concentrating on flowing and precise movement, you will connect mind and body while reducing stress through proper breathing technique. MORE

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I accept all challenges from my clients and engage with my full commitment to help you achieve your goals. My programs are designed to your specific needs, your objectives and towards developing a balanced mind and body.


Treat yourself to seven days of paradise, Join me for a luxurious pilates and wellbeing retreat in one of the most peaceful et beautiful places on Earth : Bali, the Island of Gods !
MARCH, 1st – 8th 2020




READING, Caversham Rd

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What My Clients Say

Elisabeth G

« Sylvia is a lovely, warm-hearted person with whom I was always looking forward to train with.
She kept me entertained with a versatile hard training and she showed me what I am capable of. »

Sue and Eloise

« We were keen to have you as our trainer because of your positive, calm and encouraging approach to training.
You have an emphasis on enjoying the session while getting the most out of the work out so it never feels like
a chore to be in the gym with you. You are knowledgeable about so many aspects of fitness which has helped us
understand our diet better as well as how to make time to relax and reduce stress. You have been able to tailor
our sessions to our specific exercise goals and accommodated the fitness levels of both Mother and Daughter!

After 4 months of training with you we are both feeling much fitter, we are setting ourselves new exercise challenges
and still enjoying the gym! Looking forward to training with you in the future. »

Abby S

 » I’ve been going to the gym for quite a few years now, but it hasn’t been until I started training with Sylvia
that I’ve started to see a real change in my body. Sylvia’s sessions strike the perfect balance between pushing
you to your limit and breaking things down and making sure you take your time to fully grasp exercises and do them correctly.
I’ve also learnt so much simply about how my body works and I feel much more confident when I do train alone and
that I’m doing the exercises right. I now leave after our sessions feeling a sense of achievement and happy with myself,
which I rarely achieved when I came to the gym beforehand. I’m a much happier person mentally and physically from my training with Sylvia!

Enia G

« After years of an active life, responsibilities started to be more important than anything else, including my own health. At the end of December 2016 I was doing my « Things to do in 2017 ». And, as in every December’s list for the last 10 years « get fit and have a healthy lifestyle » was included. So I joined – for 5th time – the gym, with more motivation than ever. One day, bored on the elliptical machine thinking about my goal, I saw a business card of a PT just there, where you put your phone when you are training. It has happened before, people forget them there, but this one got something different. It has a sentence « Grow your own Wellness », it was like a sign. I needed to do something, it has been enough. I wanted back the best version of myself back, the fit and healthy one.
I was hesitating at the beginning because of the budget and because I was feeling guilty for spending my money on a PT.  « But hold on a minute, it is MY money and it is worth to spend it on MY HEALTH, f**** it! » …… so I wrote an email to my lovely PT Sylvia Wolfer.
Sylvia was sweet from the very beginning, she understood my goal and my past. We started to train, this time I was relaxed and just letting it flow, I was trusting my PT. And…. results started to show… specially endorphin effects and I was starting to love it as I used to it in the past. We made a plan for 3 months of PT, but recently I added 1 more, why? Well I am closer to my goal than ever and I like the feeling of going to the gym and have my PT, to know that I am really working out. And, my friends, when those jeans that you have not used in 4 years time fits better than when you bought them you realize that the investment has been worth it!! Sylvia is soft and gentle like a delicate flower, but when you wake up the next day feeling unknown muscles you will think about her 🙂 Do not choose your PT because it looks like Hulk, being Hulk is not sustainable long term for a person with a life out outside the gym. So if you want a healthy lifestyle, a lifestyle adapted to you rather than you adapted to a lifestyle, and a fit body that you can maintain on your own when your path with the PT has finished, choose Sylvia Wolfer. Thank you Sylvia for your support and for your smile in all our sessions! »

Brenda T

« Having Sylvia as my personal trainer was amazing, she is patient, attentive and sensitive to her clients needs.
I worked out with Sylvia after I had my second child, she was patient with me and flexible, as a new mother sometimes I needed to change my appointments and she was willing to do so. It was a pleasure working with her and I enjoyed all my sessions. I always came out of the gym smiling and noticed great results too. I am one happy customer and would recommend her. »

Lucie L

« After injuring my back and taking some time out for recovery, I wanted to start exercising again. However, I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to or cause further injury to myself. Gym classes weren’t an option for me anymore and there seemed to be no-one I could trust to respect my body. Then I met Sylvia in my local gym and it was clear to me that if anyone could help me, it would be her! She has an amazing positive energy and respect for individual needs of each client. She identified quickly which muscle is causing me pain and created a thorough plan to get me healthy and strong again step by step. She taught me how to connect my mind and my body, and how to stretch and exercise correctly. After 6 weeks of exercising my pain disappeared and since that moment I am getting stronger, leaner and happier! If you are looking for a personal trainer who is well-educated, creative, thorough and systematic, having a plan for each session, and someone who motivates through positive energy and never stops learning about the human body, Sylvia is the right choice for you. She is incredible and I can sincerely recommend her to anyone! « 

Kathy C

« I can’t speak highly enough of Sylvia. I had a knee and an old shoulder dislocation problem when I started with her.
Over the weeks she strengthened the muscles around my knee and my core, increased my stability and toughened my shoulder such that I have much more mobility – and she did it all with encouragement and a smile – I would highly recommend her. »

Jenny K

« Sylvia is the most encouraging and inspiring personal trainer I’ve ever had. She goes above and beyond to adapt and build interesting sessions that are tailored to you and your goals. Sylvia is such a kind and lovely person; I couldn’t imagine being half as motivated to go to the gym or as proud of my achievements as I am when training with her. She makes me believe that I can reach my goals and I’ve learnt so much on my journey so far, as well as having a lot of fun! »