Getting to know me…

I am a fully qualified personal coach who offers personal training, Pilates and group classes to all ages and all ambitions. It’s my passion to share with you my experience in fitness training and well-being in order to help you with all your personal objectives, whether it be : to un-wind from the stresses of the working week, to achieve your physical ambitions or to improve your personal well-being.

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My Approach

I am a true believer that mind and body can and should be trained and in harmony. Whether it is labelled as mindfulness, spirituality or neuroplasticity…. there is a way to reconnect our mind to our body so we feel more positive in our daily lives. By creating a program that is fun, challenging and tailored to your needs, you can perform daily tasks with more confidence, more efficiently and safely.

Importance of a healthy Body and Mind

Unlike in other parts of the world, our western society does not teach us how to listen to our bodies, how to understand and love them. We expect our bodies to cope with stress, junk food, with sleep and sun deprivation and furthermore we get annoyed when they get tired or ill. We don’t give them the rest they deserve to recover from all those expectations. And we tend to forget to be grateful for all the wonderful things our bodies enable us to do like laughing out loud, running outdoors, jumping, swimming, eating wonderful food, feeling the sun on our skin, hugging the people we love. My programs are designed to help you reconnect body and mind, feel more positive and more confident going forward.

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 A training Program for you

I accept all challenges from my clients and engage with my full commitment to help you achieve your goals. My programs are designed to your specific needs, your objectives and towards developing a balanced mind and body. By adding my own life experience and knowledge of fitness, Pilates, nutrition and wellbeing I am committed to tailoring a program adapted to your needs in order to promote a strong body, mind and well-being.