I have trained with Sylvia for over two years.  She is exceptionally passionate about her profession and training with her is more than just simply physical training.  She shares so much information about health and well-being and always has a plethora of hints and tips.  She embosses a sense of well being and motivational inspiration into every session.  During training you always learn and train in parallel while having fun. “ – Chris

I have had periods during the past two years in hospital due to mental health issues and Sylvia has always been incredibly supportive and got me training again in a safe way that helped build my confidence back.  She always knew the right thing to say and the exercises I needed to get back on track. 

If you are looking for an extra special PT who can offer the whole package: physical training, life coaching, motivation, online training or in the gym, psychology, nutrition, fitness, wellbeing, opportunity to train abroad or in different languages and good fun – Sylvia is the PT to choose.  I would without hesitation recommend her to anybody, of any background and you won’t be disappointed.”  (Anonymous)

Sylvia has the most unique way of connecting with her clients through knowledge, encouragement and genuine kindness. She enables people to self-motivate and create their own path for long-term success.” – Eric

I have tried a few personal trainers over the years both in person and online and Sylvia is by far the best I have ever known. She works comfortably within your boundaries with just enough push to get you fitter and stronger but without the bullying tactics I found with so many others.

Sylvia is a wonderful person and personal trainer, she truly cares about the people she works with and is always focused on the goal to help them be the best version of themselves on all levels.

I could not recommend her enough no matter if you’re looking for a personal trainer, online classes or life coaching.” – David

Sylvia has provided personal training to me for over two years. Her sessions are always expertly focused on my individual needs – helping me to recover from a knee operation and come back stronger than before my injury. Her friendly support and encouragement provide great motivation.” – Keith

I’ve tried many trainers over the years. The moment I arrived at Sylvia’s class I was hooked. The calming voice and invariably contagious positivity is not only motivational but inspirational. A true leader by example! Sylvia has helped me train through injury and has the expertise to adapt her sessions to ability and skill with ease. I’ve noticed Sylvia will push at the right level to keep it fun but give progress after every session. I’ve never found a trainer I would say, without hesitation that I would recommend to anyone at any level. Until now.” – Laura

“After being super fit for several years and then abandoning exercise for 5 years, I braved the gym once more. I knew I needed some structure and support and it took me a lot of time to find a personal trainer I thought would be right for me. From my very first meeting with Sylvia I knew it was the right decision. She has always listened and really heard me.

There is so much that makes Sylvia a rare personal trainer. She encourages and challenges but without being judgemental; she has helped me find self-belief and confidence without me even realising that it was where I needed to start. Her passion and commitment to what she does goes beyond a job. It’s a calling.

Sylvia’s optimism, enthusiasm and compassion is remarkable. But, all of this is underpinned by an astounding knowledge of human anatomy and psychology. Her belief in teaching technique and her unwavering commitment to the principle that if you learn the right technique from the outset – and invest that time, your investment will pay double the dividend, has proven invaluable to my progress and journey. 

The time Sylvia invests in personalising every P.T session to my needs and progress is more than whatI would ever have expected.

There is another hidden gem, this is no personal trainer who coaches from the side lines. Sylvia practices what she preaches. She’ll never make you do a workout she isn’t prepared to do herself. Never judge a book by its cover this woman can lift; but she can also deliver a mindful pilates session.

Regardless of your gender, age, physical ability my experience is that Sylvia can help you overcome obstacles or achieve personal bests. She’ll help you unlearn bad practice and build a foundation that you will reap the rewards from regardless of whether you do one or one hundred sessions with Sylvia.

She has some great stories too!” – Tanya

I have been a fairly athletic /sporty guy for over twenty years of my life, using gym’s, home work outs, HIIT workouts, running, playing a high standard of football and working in the dance industry both teaching and performing. 

I really enjoy Sylvia’s class, she has an immense knowledge of the human body and is excellent at explaining the finer details of every exercise to make it efficient and effective. 

After each morning class my body feels alive and ready to face the day. 

I would recommend this class to anyone as Sylvia can adapt to everyone’s needs. “ – Sonny

I had the pleasure of meeting Sylvia through her Pilates classes at Pure Gym. The classes helped me to exercise gently and stay strong both mentally and physically whilst going through cancer treatment. Sylvia made the environment feel safe, calming and nurturing so much so that it truly felt like an hour of escape and calm in what was otherwise a real stormy time!

Once I was well and able to start more intense training, I began PT sessions with Sylvia, I felt like I was in very safe capable hands. She knows how to push me enough but within my limits at each stage. She is very diverse in her training and brings all of that to the table, from CrossFit to weightlifting. Training with Sylvia I feel like I have a well-rounded coach who is intelligent and intuitive. I often found that chatting before and after our training felt as beneficial as the training itself! Sylvia has so much knowledge to impart and does so in such a positive way; needless to say when she started to offer life-coaching I jumped at the chance! I can’t wait to see where that journey takes us.

I would recommend Sylvia without any hesitation; in the past year she has had a profound impact on my physical and mental well-being from chemo to lockdown … this woman just helps you to breeze through it all and more importantly have FUN along the way!” – Jade

Hey Sylvia thank you so much for continuing to push us on our fitness journeys in spite of the lock down. You are one of the most positive and lovely person and I so enjoy my training with you. I was “once in a blue moon” gym visitor  totally unsure of what needed to be done. But since I started training with you and with your gentle nudges [while we had our enlightening conversations you would quietly keep pushing me] I have slowly grown more confident around my exercises. You find opportunity in adversity and that’s what you very successfully did on continuing to train us inspite of lock down. I look forward to our sessions and having tried other online sessions I can very much say you are the best. You really help us to push ourselves and all with a calm voice and beautiful smile. You are a brilliant fitness trainer and I am sure based on all our time spent you will be a fantastic coach as well! Thank you so much Sylvia for all you do xx” – Naina

Sylvia is a true inspiration.

She oozes kindness and positivity which translate into her practice.

She tailors her classes to suit the individual, their safety and well-being are paramount to her.

If you’re looking for a personal trainer who is willing to really listen, to hold your best interests at heart, then look no further, you’ve found her. 😊” –Sue

Sylvia has helped me under go such a positive big change to mind and body.  I am so pleased with the results.  Sylvia is talented, motivated, empathetic and full of encouragement.  Always on hand to offer advice and support.  Her online classes have helped to keep me grounded and sane during lockdown.

Thanks soooooo much Sylvia x” – Paula

Having attended Sylvia’s Pilates group sessions in the gym and on Zoom , I find her encouragement and support invaluable. She is always ready to gently guide but never pushy. She demonstrates the moves first and then observes intently. She will suggest an adaptation when she spots a client having difficulty.

She will remind us, with a smile, “that it’s not a competition”!

Sometimes you can feel almost like you are in a one-to-one session.

The classes are always enjoyable, body & mind feel so much better afterwards (even on the days when the joints don’t cooperate!)  – Charlotte Age 75

Sylvia truly practices what she preaches. I quite honestly think she is the most positive and kindest person I met. She combines calm, kindness and optimism with power, discipline, independence and optimism. And she will always leave you with a feeling that anything is possible and that you are special.”  – Sarah